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Astrology is the science thousands years old, which is reserching connection between planet constellation in the Universe and life on the Earth. The constellation of planets are changing all the time and each is bearing with her self, the specific moment and special energetic quality.

Each planet is the holder of typical energy, through which is proving her self according own position in the zodiac.

Astrologic signs are holders of the specific energie also and affect like a filters, through which are the planets showing own characters. The horoscope of a human is counting from the first breath, which is the enter to this timespace, where human will be until his death. The horoscope is the energetic configuration (the map) of the moment and in the case of human birth is affecting his life all the time during his stay here on the Earth.

The mastery of Astrologie is ability to decipher the merites and negations of a human, his tendency and talents and direct to him on the right the way, which eliminate the painful experiences!

Astrology works with the time (moving quantity) and observes the planet constellation on the sky, which is constantly in the movement. According the resonance with personal horoscope (radix) and momental planet constellation is possible to prognose and to time important matters on the advantegeous time range.
For example: The Moon is affecting the low-high tide of the sea and also every liquid in the body of the plants,animals and humans.Therefor a experienced witches were going to pick-up the herbs during a full moon,becouse in this time was the concentration of the healihg matters a highest. Therefor is not generaly recommended to make a medical surgical operation,becouse the woundes are bleeding more and the body is under heavy constellation,like the fool moon is!The regeneration of human power is also more difficult. Moon and other planets of our Sun system are affecting us on the fysical and psychic level.